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Escape Artist Studios is all about providing you with a professional support framework which includes amazing access to low cost creative space and a professional platorm to help you promote and sell your photography. In this way you can quickly develop your photography and video skills as well as join in community projects, even create your own projects and invite other members to participate. If you would like to know more, or you are interested in becoming a member of our creative community, call 01803 297297 (studio) or better still, sign-up today.

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One of the key elements of our service is the on-line exposure we can provide you with. Many photographers use Zenfolio, Smugmug and even their own websites to try to create a positive creative presence. Our companion website, Pixtures has been created to provide each of our members with a lots of space to showcase and, if you want to, sell your images.

Better still, your member profile here can be linked to your Pixtures profile, or if you prefer, forwarded to your own website, Zenfolio or Smugmug site to help increase your exposure. We have also created companion facebook, twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts to help increase your exposure.

Our membership packages are desgned to be affordable as well as off a wide range of extraordinary benefits so why not join us today.


Escape Artist Studios also comprises of two ways to exhibit your Photography & Art. The first is in our multi-purpose gallery space which comprises of the ground level rooms in the complex. Here we are able to offer members, both temporary and permanent, wall space as gallery space plus in addition we also have window advertising (lit up at night) and in-house stills / video display capability via a 42 inch screen. 

On-line exposure will be through our Pixtures website which provides every member with unlimited exposure for their work. The opportunity to sell images and framed prints will also be offered to those members that want to do this.

The on-site gallery is available for members to lease for periods of up to 1 month in duration. In addition to wall mounted work, you will also be able to provide us with loose prints etc which can be sold to walk in clients. Members on our professional membership package have the opportunity to book two FREE 2 week spotlight exhibitions as part of their membership package plus the opportunity to lease additional weeks at a 35% discount on our standard pricing.

Monday to Saturday there is free on-street parking for up to one hour outside in the street, after 6pm and on Sunday parking is free. There is also paid short and long term parking spaces within 400m. Behind the studio you can park all day for just £2.80 using the Park Mobile application.

So, if you are looking for maximum exposure, flexible exhibition space and 24/7 online sales support, the professional membership package is one you should consider.



Escape Artist Studios is an evolving community resource providing professional access to equipment and space to enable photographers to explore creative opportunities in a studio environment.

We offer 2 spaces, one dedicated to stills photography with black, green and white backdrops, LED, spot and flash lighting, neutral grey walls, the second a media suite ideally suited to video and music / audio production. With loads of power points, this area can support up to five or six people either working together or individually. 

The main studio and media suite is sufficiently equipped to provide photographers with the means to create, edit and post-process their work in one place. Just bring your laptop and plug into to our fast wifi / imternet and work on your won or with with others on projects, photo editing and printing. It's an ideal creative experience.

Community Space

One of the unique benefits Escape Artist Studios offers the photographic community is the ability to use our space either as individuals or collaboratively. Share studio time, meet with other photographers to discuss projects, shoots, commercial opportunities and more.

We also offer the opportunity to members to use our space as pop-up gallery space for exhibits. In addition to the Pixtures gallery we also have a window display (lit at night) plus a large screen for audio visual display of member works.

Open daily, and into the evening by appointment, EA Studios is designed to support the work of local clubs while providing a new and exciting framework for self-promotion.

Training Materials & Resources

A huge benefit of being a member of the Escape Artist Studio community is having access to a huge range of resources and training materials related to photography, creativity and commercial work. Not only does our community resource provide professional access to equipment and space, you can access some amazing photographic resources through your web browser at any time. These become available when you sign up for our Pro Membership plan and immediatly provide you with 100's of hours of videos, PDF's and other resources which will enable you to achieve great things in your photography. 

As an example, we have included a couple of FREE video's to give you some idea of what being a Pro Member unlocks. Just visit FREE RESOURCES

Annual membership is cheap, effective and satisfying. Not only are you helping us to develop Escape Artist Studios, you are also joining a unique community of like minded photographers looking to develop and enhance their skills, contacts and portfolio.

About EA Studios

Escape Artist Studios is designed specifically to provide low cost studio, gallery and meeting room space (both online and physical) to support the needs, ambitions and goals of local photographers, whether professional, commercial or amateur.

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Copyright Material

I know, this stuff is great and you want it. Who wouldn't. The problem is that the material on this website, and this includes video's, content and photos, is copyright of their respective owners. But all is not lost. If you wish to buy any of our superb prints, all you need do is to visit our Shop and make a selection from the huge range of high quality images our members provide. Our easy to use purchasing system is fully secure and we will deliver your prints straight to your door in just a few days. It's quick, easy, and inexpensive to buy from us.